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Took The DAT Yesterday


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Dec 8, 2004
    Well, I took the DAT again yesterday and improved my score (especially math, which was my lowest). I thought I would give some hints while it is fresh on my mind, but I still have a weak PAT...

    Academic: 21
    Biology: 19
    Gen Chem: 19
    Organic: 25
    Reading: 21
    Math: 20
    PAT: 16

    Bio: Know cellular structures, LOTS of classifications, glycolysis, genetics (A,B,AB,O bloodtypes), Plants and alternation of generation, etc.. There were quite a few questions on topics that I never covered and I had no clue on. It was VERY different than many of the practice tests. On a few questions all the statements were true but it asked for the BEST answer, so that threw me a little off

    Gen Chem: Know THEORY!!! I had VERY few actual problems. I spent a ton of time working on problems, so that was a little frustrating. I probably had 4 actual problems on the test, the rest was theory. I had neutralization, pH, gas law type problems.

    Organic: I obviously thought this was the easiest section, which was pretty funny since it is the section I spent the least amount of time on. DEFINITLY study substitution and elimination rxns, aeromaticity, activating/deactivating groups and whether they add substituents ortho/para or meta. There was an MgBr reaction and a diels adler too.

    Reading: I didnt do anything to prepare for this section, it is just one I am strong at. Just make sure your quick and use a method that works for you

    Math: PRACTICE practice practice.... I brought my math score up from a 14 to a 20 just by getting "Faster" at doing the problems. I actually finished this time. There was not much geometry besides SOH CAH TOA and a few triangle problems. LOTS of word problems. Also, be sure to review your exponent rules.

    PAT: Well, I cannot help with this one cause as you can see it is a weakness of mine. Like you have heard over and over though, the angle ranking is MUCH harder on the real test than topscore.

    Hope this helps someone out there and good luck! :luck:
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    Dec 30, 2004
    Long Grove, IL
      lunguv said:
      Haha...so can you MSZ. Nice Score! Where are you applying, the sky's the limit for you ;).
      Thanks Lunguv :) I think I'm going to apply to U of I, University of Michigan, Columbia, U Penn, Tufts, UCONN, Harvard, and SUNY Buffalo. I'd really like to get that Dean's Merit Scholarship at U Penn ultimately.
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