Top Things To Consider When Choosing What Optometry School To Attend

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Dec 4, 2006
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***I'm gonna post this on the Optometry Forum...I forgot that I was viewing pre-optometry and those in opt school will probably be able to give a lot of good info!

Hi Everyone,

As I have been reading through the forums, I have seen that there are many people with multiple acceptances and who are having a tough time deciding between schools. I am also in this boat, but instead of asking you to give your opinions on the schools that I am debating between, I was wondering if people would post what they believe are the most important things to consider when making this decision and then I/others can look into those things for each of the schools and make a decision. A lot of people have said cost and location, but those are pretty obvious. What are some of the other things that a pre-optometry student might not think to consider ie. how many people are in the lab sections, etc.?



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Nov 17, 2006
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Other than money and location I would look at each school's board exam passing rates.. it pretty much tells you how well the students are tought in each school.
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