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Jun 30, 2005
1. which is most soluble in pentane. (pic)

I think both of these are not polar thus soluble but only one of them is the correct answer and I don't understand it.

2. which test checks presence of aldehyde or ketone?
In my lab, I only learned 2-4DNP, tollens, chromic, and iodoform.
But in topscore, it talks about schiff's test and Bisulfite.
what are they(I guess I can google this one) and what other types of tests are there?

3. when it comes to boiling point, I know that H bond, longer chain, heavier, and less chain can increase BP. A question from top score said pentanal has higher BP than pentane. Could you tell me the order of functional groups that increase BP? Also if you don't mind, I would like to know the order of solubility of functional groups in water because I encounter this type of question many times. They ask which is more acidic, more soluble, or has higher BP...etc.