TPR and ExamKrackers MCAT books

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mr beans mama

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Aug 6, 2009
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$20 for Examkrackers 16 Mini Mcat's (first exam done), $10 for Examkrackers MCAT Organic Chemistry, $10 for Examkrackers MCAT Verbal Reasoning & Mathematical Techniques (some writing on pages), $15 for Examkrackers MCAT Physics (first in-class exam done), $20 for Examkrackers Mcat Inorganic Chemistry.

TPR Hyperlearning Physical Sciences Review (like new), Biological Sciences Review (like new), and Verbal Reasoning & Writing Review (few pages marked up). $150 for set.

For questions that were answered... I circled all answers so you can't tell what's the correct answer.

I also have more books for sale under MCAT material for SN2ed study guide thread.