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Feb 9, 2011
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I will only sell the books as a SET. I will NOT be selling any books individually. If I change my mind I will update this post :). This is the 2008 edition of the Princeton Review Hyperlearning set, but the books are very similar to the 2011 versions!

- Verbal Workbook (untouched, 69 verbal passages)
- In-Class Compendium (untouched, 31 verbal passages)
- Verbal Reasoning & Writing Review (untouched)
- Biological Sciences Review (1st page has some pencil markings, the rest is untouched)
- Physical Sciences Review (untouched)
- I do not have the Science Workbook
The covers are slightly worn due to shipping, but the insides are pristine!

Reasons why you should buy the set, instead of just getting the VR workbook:
- The extra 31 passages of verbal reasoning in the In-Class Compendium are just as good as the verbal workbook passages, and having that extra practice will definitely help you!
- The writing sample help was also very helpful b/c it gave example prompts, explained various ways you could approach it and think about it, and gave 2 or more sample essays for each prompt!
- If you find that the approach of the other prep books you bought does not suit you, you will already have TPR and be able to try them out right away!

Price: $175 + Shipping
I'm from Ontario, Canada so shipping will be cheaper & faster if you are Canadian.
I only accept paypal & interac e-transfers. Send me a private message if interested. If you are concerned about my lack of activity on SDN, look me up at premed101.com/forums

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