Transcribed Lectures?


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Aug 12, 2005
  1. Dental Student
    Does anyone know if lecture transcripts are available for students at Columbia?

    For Science Basics (AKA Biochem, Physiology all those goodies combined into one) there are condensed audio annotations available online (it's basically what everyone uses to study for exams). There are lecture transcripts from the med students, some of which are pretty decent (for example, this guy, David Carbonell from the 2009 med class made transcripts for basically every single class. It's a pretty good resource). Sometimes, your dental classmates will decide to post up their lecture transcripts or you may even implement some sort of class wide transcribing system if people favor the idea. Also, some classes have begun to implement audio podcasts, so you'll have plenty of study resources even if you decide to skip classes (not recommended of course)
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