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Jan 27, 2005
Hi Everybody,

I had a couple of general questions regarding transcripts and AMCAS:

1) How does AMCAS calculate classes you've withdrawn, into your GPA (if they even do)?

2) If you attended a Masters program after undergrad and withdrew from the program due to personal and financial reasons, but did not include it in the AMCAS application, could they find out about it? i.e. Do they investigate?

note: I already applied to medical school last year, was waitlisted and received no acceptances, and I did include all transcripts in the process, but I was curious if they had a similar process to law schools.


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Jan 2, 2004
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1. They don't. If you don't have a grade, they can't factor it into your GPA.

2. I'm sure AMCAS doesn't care. However, I'm assuming the school you attend would find out. They have your SSN for goodness sake. It could be in your financial aid records, if you took out a loan for the Master's program.

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