Transcript questions - course titles

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May 25, 2007
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On my transcript, some of the course titles do not match up with the course title provided on the university catalog; for what reason, I can't imagine.
For instance, 'BIOL 112 - BIOL BACT CELL' on my transcript is called 'BIOL 112 - Biology of the Cell' on the course listings. Or 'PHYS 101 - ELEM PHYSICS I' on my transcript is called 'PHYS 101- Energy and Waves' on the listing. Which one should I enter into AMCAS?

Also, should I be entering the course titles exactly as they appear on the transcript (in abbreviated form), or should I list the entire actual title of the course?


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I entered the courses as they appeared in the course catalog. I had no problems. Truth be told, you could probably enter either one and be just fine.
The can answer is to enter them exactly as they appear on your transcript, since that's what the verifier sees
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Or the answer is what I said (which included your solution). Either way, the OP will be fine. Posting definitive answers as if you work for AMCAS is just goofy.
Yea, thats sort of what I figured.

I used the course catalog name and in some cases, I think I actually added a little more (Chem1a and Chem 1b are both just "General Chemistry" so I added roman numerals) and my AMCAS was verified okay. That said, I'd be safer than sorry. I didn't realize I was being so risky until after I had submitted and there were some uncomfortable nights before getting everything verified.
What about for a course that is listed in three different departments? I took a genetics course that was listed as BIOS, UNIV and ANTH, but had to register under UNIV because the other "sections" were full (all for the same class at the same time). But it was listed as a bios course, and the A that I got would be nice for my science gpa. Can I list it under AMCAS as a BIOS? If I specify the correct listing as UNIV? (did that make sense?---I would write it in as UNIV but in the drop down menu, pick BIOS...) Thanks!