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    I asked this question before but I guess I was not exact about this. Can I transfer as a first year medical student to the first year class at Yale? I would be applying with all the rest of the applicants.
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    I'm pretty certain the answer is no. Once you've completed a year of medical school, I don't think you can apply as a non-matriculated student, along with all the other applicants to the first year class. Also, if you tried to do that, I'm pretty certain you would lose your place in the class of the medical school you're currently attending (since you aren't applying as a transfer but rather as a reapplicant).

    Transferring in medical school is much, much more difficult than in undergrad. First off, most schools that do accept transfers only do so into the third year, after the basic sciences have been completed -- there are only a couple of schools that will consider accepting transfers into the second year class, Columbia being one of them. Secondly, you usually have to have a very compelling reason to transfer -- "I don't like School X very much and I dream of going to Yale" probably isn't going to cut it. "Acceptable" reasons usually fall somewhere along the lines of having a spouse who is either a student or works at that school or in that immediate area, or needing to be close to a family member who is extremely ill or dying.

    As for transferring to Yale specifically, another poster answered your question on your previous thread -- Yale will consider taking students into the third year of school if they have an extremely compelling reason (ie, like a spouse at Yale).

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