Transferring Italian Med Degree to the U.S

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Feb 9, 2010
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Hey guys, just a couple very quick general questions.

1) I am a Canadian biology student looking to apply to med school in Italy. How hard would it be to get a job in the States with my degree from Italy? Could i even get residencies in the states?

2) What language is the med school program conducted it? I originally thought it would be all in english, but im getting conflicting answers about this particular issue..

Any help would be greatly appreciated!:D

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Maintain good grades, do well on the steps. Yes, you can get into the US. My physician in the US is American, went to Italy for med school, and then came back.

You're going to have to directly check with the schools there if there are exceptions, but in my own research some time ago, the language is only in Italian. I know nothing about the system there, outside of the patient end, and that I'd be a bit scared to need anything serious in Italy, medically. I was injured badly there at the end of 2008, and I waited to come back to Germany for treatment, luckily having two physicians in the family and frax heparin on hand. On the end of my physician in the US, he was fantastic, so I think the training may be better than the hospital resources they have available in most places in the country, based only on that.

Also, since you're Canadian, you are still foreign, to some extent, for matching, and you have to deal with that, along with being made fun of for being Canadian ;)
@ Suraya - I am US pre-med post bacc student looking to go to med school in Italy as well. I am in the process of getting my citizenship - I am technically dual since I was born there.

What information have you found for applying to medical schools there? Have you found any websites with information? I have been unable to find anything thus far. :)

From my personal experience, I think Italian Doctors are good physicians and I am sure the training is just as rigorous as in the US. In fact, their pre-university school system far surpasses anything on our side of the pond and not to mention Italy is one of the leading scientific and medical research countries in the world. Studies that can't be done in the US (such as stem cells) are often done in Italy...

I am pretty sure any education in Italy will be done in fact, English is seldom spoken there...
to apply for the exam for the medicine school you need to have the high school degree.

probably the us/canada degree could fit you have to recognize from the italian university in wich you want to apply.

the curses unfortunatly are only in italian. and of course when yo go to the hospital for the practical stuff you must speak italian otherwise nobody can understand you....:bang:

if you have question ask.