May 9, 2012
I am currently studying medicine in Spain but I have realized that I would love to study in the States.I know it's not the same system and that you have four years of college and then another four years of med school instead of our six years.
I am currently a freshman,and so I intend to apply next year and thus enter college as a junior.
Now,my question is,would admissions consider my MCAT score for college?
I know this sounds weird,but the thing is that I have already taken the SAT,right now I have a GPA of 9,3/10 (I would be grateful if someone could tell me the equivalence in the States) and I am taking my MCAT this summer.Of course,it's still soon to tell,but my guess is that I'm going to do great on the MCAT because in all practice test I've taken I score between 38-41.
Maybe my GPA it's a little bit low,but do you think that admissions will take into account that I'm studying medicine(which is harder than being a pre-med at college?)
Besides that,I'm researching,and I have quite a lot of extracurriculars(volunteer,sports,languages...)
Thank you for your help!!!!!