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Sep 15, 2016
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Osmosis is the most powerful learning platform to learn medicine. It's the only tool that integrates with your curriculum, analyzing what you're learning in the classroom and seamlessly prepares you for board exams and clinical experiences.

What sets Osmosis apart from other resources?
1. Osmosis has the largest board exam prep question bank, with more than 7,500 multiple choice clinical vignette; more than Firecracker, Memorang, and USMLE-RX combined.

2. We received a Stemmler grant from the NBME in collaboration with University of Illinois Chicago and University of Central Florida to improve traditional spaced repetition algorithms, which are meant for learning languages, not medicine (

3. The Osmosis video and resource library features more than 100 original Osmosis videos (created by the former Khan Academy Medicine team) along with 1,500 pathophysiology & physiology videos, 500+ patient videos, reference articles, First Aid page numbers, and mnemonics (including links to CelebrityDx, Picmonic, and Sketchy).

4. Grounded in machine learning, Osmosis automatically analyzes your curricular material as well as any flashcards/questions you create to then intelligently recommend supplemental content from our large resource library.

5. Our board exam study scheduling tool helps you plan out your daily schedule and gives you precise page numbers and videos to watch. It’s also constantly improving!

6. Osmosis provides the best value learning platform – the most content and features at the most reasonable price that helps us continue making it even better for you.

7. We dedicate more than half of our resources to open and global medical education, e.g. and

8. Osmosis won both the 2015 Reimagine Education competition and the 2014 Penn GSE-Milken Education Competition.

What's included?

“I was a Firecracker and Anki user previously, but made the switch after I realized Osmosis has the best of both worlds! - Luis Broady, M1 at Semmelweis University School of Medicine

“I previously used Anki for flashcards, but I found the process of making them tedious. With Osmosis it is easier to make them, you can still rate how you think you did on them and it gives resources next to the flashcards to help you review. I also like that they show up next to the lecture slides and that you can collaborate with other students, it makes it easier to review lectures.” - Chelsae Keeney, M1 at Ross University School of Medicine

“I chose Osmosis over Firecracker since the ability to take notes and create notecards alongside lecture slides is intuitive, and more suitable to me.” - Ahmed Tahseen, M1 at Creighton University School of Medicine

“I switched from Firecracker because I found Osmosis to be more able to filter and provide relevant information for when I'm studying certain topics. - Greg Muller, M1 at Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine

“In the past I used Anki to supplement my studying. That became unnecessary as I began to coordinate my Osmosis efforts with classmates and use board-style notes and questions recommended from my uploaded lecture content. Osmosis offers so much more versatility and function. - Benjamin Gill, M2 at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences

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