transitional or traditional yr first and then apply?

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Apr 2, 2009
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Hello Guys,
I am a 3rd yr medical student at a DO school sheduled to graduate in May 2010. I have decided with my husband that we're going to do the 2011 couple's match. I am contemplating whether to take a yr off after graduation or do a transitional yr internship. Is it possible for me to apply for 2010 transitional or traditional yr internships ONLY and then during that intern year, can I participate in the 2011 NRMP couple's match for psychiatry residency positions? Would I apply for PGY2 or PGY1 positions or both? Will the transitional/traditional yr count for all psychiatry residencies or do I start from scratch in 2011 after completing the intern yr? I guess I am confused and I am exploring my options. Any help or advice would be appreciated!!

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