Transitional year???

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May 24, 2003
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What is a transitional year??

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Some specialties (eg, radiology, anesthesiology, dermatology, ENT, ophto, etc) require a year of internship prior to starting residency in the field of choice. Options for this year are transitional year, prelim medicine, and prelim surgery.

Preliminary Internal Medicine - one year (internship) in internal medicine

Preliminary Surgery - one year (internship) in general surgery

Transitional Year - A mix of different things (a little medicine, a little surgery, etc)
Or from another point of view...

TY = pure cushy bliss... therefore highly desirable and accordingly highly competitive

Prelim Med = a bit tougher, you'll break a sweat but you'll probably "learn" a bit more too (for whatever that's worh)... cusher ones in nice locales are competitive, tougher ones in ghettos are easy to get

Prelim Surg = hell on earth... very easy to get, be afraid, be very afraid

Hope this helps...