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Traveling for the interview


UC Davis SVM c/o 2012
10+ Year Member
Jun 18, 2007
Davis, CA
  1. Veterinary Student
I didn't think any did, but I'm not sure. Certainly UC Davis, VMRCVM, Iowa State, and Kansas State don't. The only thing I'm aware of that is Wisconsin, which doesn't interview, will offer to fly some people who have been accepted out to visit the school. Never heard of schools paying for people's travel expenses for interviewing, though. :(
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Michigan State CVM 2012
10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
Dec 17, 2006
  1. Pre-Veterinary
I interviewed at a few schools and I don't think any of them pay for any travel expenses. I was accepted to both Mississippi and LSU but never visited LSU. The airport near Miss State is TINY and it was hard to catch a cab to and from the airport. It was an extra $50 per day to rent a car since I'm under 25, and I was there for 4-5 days. It would be great if you interview there and can split a rental car with someone. That would have made my trip a lot easier! Good luck! :)
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