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General Admissions & OTCAS Trouble with SUNY

Discussion in 'Occupational Therapy [ O.T.D ]' started by ProspectiveHealer, Mar 20, 2017.

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  1. ProspectiveHealer

    ProspectiveHealer 2+ Year Member

    Oct 19, 2014
    Hi all,

    I just found out last week that my application to SUNY has been on hold for the past few months because they are not recognizing my transcripts. They just let me know about it when I checked in. If I hadn't checked in, they likely would have ignored my application completely.

    The transcript is a "parent" county community college transcript with smaller city community college information included within the transcript. SUNY is requesting that I just give them "the original institution" of the smaller college, but that is not how these transcripts are written.

    I am surprised that they are splitting hairs like this and am unsure of how to give them the information they want. I am also troubled that they were not proactive about this misunderstanding because I have largely missed out on a fair shot for consideration.

    I would recommend that anyone who has not heard from them at all check in because you could have been lost in an administrative misunderstanding that was ignored instead of dealt with. Also, if anyone has contact information for someone that I can talk or write to I would be really appreciative.

    Good luck everyone!
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  3. FutureOT1015


    Jan 10, 2017
    Are you referring to SUNY Downstate?
  4. FutureOT17


    Feb 3, 2017
    What was the result? Are they still considering applicants?


    Dec 15, 2016
    Oh no! That sucks. I hope that gets sorted out. Is this Downstate? I have a contact email.
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  6. OTlovexo


    Mar 14, 2016
    I would love the contact email as well, I also havent heard anything from them?

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