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Feb 7, 2022
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I’m a PGY2 anesthesiology resident in Canada. I’m not intending to write the ABA exams, but I’m interested in purchasing the question bank for learning/studying purposes.

Of the basic, advanced, and in-training question banks, which would you recommend? I am looking for one that would be applicable to daily clinical cases and also reinforce key concepts for the board exam in the future.

Thanks so much in advance!

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There is a lot of overlap. But the advanced is more clinical while the basic covers more basic science. Id go with the advanced if you are hell bent on the qbanks. You’d probably be better off studying oral board materials if you want to get better clinically and learn applicable material.
The basic and advanced banks are quite similar. Probably doesn’t matter. Advanced is more clinical and doesn’t have as many minute detail and straight basic science questions.
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Honestly, get the ITE - it has both basic and advanced and more questions period. I see identical questions from the ITE as I do on the advanced.