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truth about TCOM

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by SUN TZU, Dec 11, 2001.

  1. SUN TZU

    SUN TZU Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Dec 8, 2001
    Avoid TCOM at all costs. I'm a fourth year there and it is by far one of the worst learning environments I ever had the mistake of entering. First their new curriculum is nothing more than 75% self study, yet you still pay a high tuition for the faculty that you don't see. Second is that it is a highly political school that cares little about their students after they sign over their loan checks. Third the rotations are horrible. Most of the time you do nothing but observe, and there is very little teaching. So be smart and look elsewhere. The moderator will most likely delete this since they dislike the truth if it goes against their views. Only five months and it's history. Finally, TCOM has a horrible Alumni fund, since nobody ever gives back to the school they hate.
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  3. Sun Tzu - There is no need to spam the same message across multiple forums and threads. Please just post the message once. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or the moderator of this forum. Thank you.
  4. iirish

    iirish Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Dec 9, 2001
    tulsa, ok
    Hello Sun Tzu

    I am really taken aback by the demoralizing message you posted about tcom. My experience has been quite the opposite from yours. In fact, i nearly fell out of my seat when i read that you thought our admin dept. handed out checks and then turned a blind eye toward their student's needs. What in the @#$$% are you talking about? I've been around the block a few times dear, and let me tell you, never have i experienced a group as dedicated as those working in our admin department. I would really like to know the specifics about your HORRIBLE experience.
    The accusations you make seem shallow and unfair, not to mention a bit distasteful. Your facts are somewhat fuzzy as well. I can't contend with the level of rotations you have had, for i'm not in my third year yet; however, i will take exception to the comment regarding 75% of our new curriculum being self study. What planet are you on? For starters, you don't even fall under the new curriculum, so it would seem to me that you have no clue what-so-ever. I'll be more than happy to meet with you and show my schedule for this semester, and then you can tell me in person that 75% of our courses are self study. You must REALLY know the curriculum like the back of your hand.
    Tell me, what part of this school do you really dislike? Are ALL of the faculty of poor quality? Did every rotation you have, for lack of a better word, suck? I'm curious, because it would seem to me that if hated being in a place as much as you claim to, I would most certainly transfer. Why didn't you? Do you feel under prepared to see patients, since all of you time was spent observing? I would venture to say that if what you say is true, all the tcom grads must have a really tough time in their residency. Wouldn't you agree? Don't get me wrong, i'm sure your experience here has been dismal to say the least, but to plaster crap propaganda all over this forum is not only wrong but also disloyal and irresponsible. Oh of course, you had nothing to do with choosing tcom. Let me give you a little advice, look into the next long commitment you make - marriage (if not all ready), residency, military service(you would NEVER last) etc.
    Sorry for my defensiveness, but i am obligated to stand up for an institution that i feel is of exceptional quality. Hey, but that's only my opinion
  5. Newdoc2002

    Newdoc2002 Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Apr 18, 1999
    SUN TZU,

    I'm sorry you have such strong negative feelings about a school that while not perfect (none is), has given me and most of your classmates a high quality education.

    Your complaints are non-specific and mostly unwarranted. Our tuition is among the lowest in the nation if you are a state resident. You make no mention of how well you feel prepared to practice medicine as a resident. I feel well prepared and more so than most of the DO and MD counterparts I have met on my out of town elective rotations at competitive residencies.

    The new curriculum is a "work-in-progress" and although turbulent, the change is constantly improving. It was no fluke that the 3rd year class had a 100% pass rate for COMLEX I. Yes, the fourth year class has had to endure some "step-child" treatment as the transistion takes place, but we also have experienced a tried and true method of training young physicians.

    Much of what you get from medical school is what you put into it. Cliche, but true. I think you should think long and hard about the source of your contempt. If you find something that is justifiably wrong, then help change it for the better. Don't just bitch.
  6. What does the alumni fund have to do with anything? I loved UC Berkeley but I never give them any money. I think your post was a really cheap shot at the school. TCOM has an excellent reputation that places its graduates into competitive allopathic and osteopathic residencies. I read your other post where you implied that there was racism going on, what the heck was that?!!

    You chose to attend the school for four years and could have transferred at any time. Instead you trash the school which helped you pass the boards (I assume you did since you are graduating) and provided you with an opportunity to land a great residency. I have never heard such negative comments about TCOM before and it makes me wonder if the problem lies with you or the school. I know several people who ranked TCOM above the other allopathic school in Tx in the match. They obviously did their research prior to matriculating into the school. Best of luck in the match and maybe you can help improve the school instead of trashing it. Without them, you would not have been able to practice medicine.

    I met General Blanck, D.O. at my graduation and he is really an amazing person. TCOM is really fortunate to have him as the new dean and I know he will do great things there.
  7. SUN TZU

    SUN TZU Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Dec 8, 2001
    Here it is, the short version....
    The admin: Ask any 4th year about Dean Blackwell then DUCK!!!! You'll learn extremely fast the numerous times she f'd our class over. Last years grad's refused to invite her to graduation. Then there would be the evil Dr. Puttoff. He's nice now, but that's because he is/was dating a 3rd year. Mention him to a 4th year then DUCK!!!! Ask a 4th year about the month 13 issue for vacation.
    I got 86% on comlex 1 and 86% on part two. I also got 86% on USMLE 1 and 84% on step 2. I'm in the top 25 and planning on doing Anesthesiology at BAMC.(Yes, I am military) Just a few more days till match :0) As for comlex, you actually have to try to fail. The questions are so poorly written it's like a junior high student wrote them. Grammar errors, run on sentences. My favorite was the hand drawn EKG section, HOW PROFFESIONAL. The reason it is 800 question is because they throw so many out. The USMLE is an excellent exam. And you wonder why they look down on DO's.
    As for the pathetic education: I really enjoy instructors giving answers to tests, is it fair to those of us who actually study. Ex.) Recently Dr. Marsh had TQ on slides for his lecture. This denoted Test Question. Is this what you call getting an education???? Perhaps the Dr. Sheidlo ignorance in teaching anatomy. Why does he teach it, if he doesn't even know it???? One of my favorites is Dr. Barker handing out the "test review questions" for neuro anatomy. This is actually the test. Hmmmm, do they do that at Southwestern. Have any of you who proclaim tcom to be this great education center complained about such things. I don't think I would want any doctor treating my children that was given such a free ride. Also, those little shelf exams you take at the end of a class. Well the MD schools count that as a final exam. You need near the 70-75 percentile to pass the class. I believe tcom is somewhere near the 50% mark. ( a monkey with a crayon can do that. TEACH YOURSELF AND STUDY. Don't think they are of any help.
    Rotations: All rotations at school or the OMCT SUCK!!!! Ask around. Family Practice: you'll spend most of the time doing the techs work instead of learning. Peds: no interaction at all. No input. GO TO CORPUS. OB/GYN: Too few patients, or they send you away to watch. IM: Cohen great, Go to BAMC if you really want to learn. The rest I got lucky with and went far away. Secret: Put all of your rotations at William Beumont, that way you will get a max on almost all of them. Then you go wherever you want and LEARN. Also you improve your chances at residencies.
    I chose tcom becasue it's paid for and I can bank the rest of my stipend. I also knew it was up to me to learn. Dr. Blanck is awesome(that's what he likes to be called). I've talked with him at the Activities center. Unfortunately, I attended durind the Blackwell cloud. He is trying to merge JPS and tcom. As well as getting real rotations.
    Last thought, why do so many DO grads go for MD programs??? Because there more stable and a better learning environment. Also it is rare that a specialty Doc can practice in an MD hospital without an MD residency. So your living location is limited........SUN TZU

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