Trying to get into an open anesthesiology spot

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Jan 27, 2010
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Would it be unreasonable to try to get into anesthesia for me? I originally applied to a different field and did not match. Anesthesiology was always another option as far as specialty in my mind, but I did not spend time getting to know any anesthesiologists unfortunately. My scores are pretty decent, and I am currently doing an internship at a good program. What can I do to get a spot?

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If you have an anesthesiology residency in your current program, set up a meeting with the PD as soon as possible. If not, set up a meeting with the PD at the nearest program.

Whether your internship is in peds, surgery, or FP you could ask your program director to allow you to do an anesthesiology rotation. Sometimes you can even do a rotation at another program.

ERAS submissions began today, so get a start on that.

The most effective is getting into an anesthesiology residency at your current hospital.