Mar 12, 2018
Current or former Tufts SOM students - Considering attending Tufts, and have heard plenty of feedback about first and second year, but not much beyond that. What did you think of your third year rotations? Supportive faculty? Any sites better than others? General hours, call, etc. (obviously this varies based on rotation)? Any feedback about Tufts clinical rotations would be great. Thanks!


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Aug 20, 2015
Medical Student
I felt there was a good variability in clinical rotation options provided you have a car. Some rotations have more rigorous schedules/call than others, especially for surgery, but it is pretty feasible to control where you are assigned for those if that matters to you. Plenty of faculty are supportive. I'd say in retrospect there could have been some more help from the school with finding "mentors" or knowing how to form relationships with attendings (esp early in third year) that could end up being very helpful to you later on, but I think this is probably true at many places. I personally rotated at Lahey clinic for many of my rotations and loved it there, only did pediatrics at tufts as an MS3 but then did many of MS4 rotations at Tufts. Depending on your personality, the affiliations with both Maine Med and Baystate are great, and it's easy to get some 3rd year rotations at those sites if you are interested (housing is usually provided), which could be a good idea. I liked having rotations at many different hospitals, it helped make new rotations feel like a "fresh start," it's also totally underrated but helpful to have experience in many different EMRs, PACS (radiology) systems, etc. That being said, many students manage to do most of their rotations at Tufts Medical Center and enjoy that too.
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