Apr 19, 2020
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Plz don't quote. Hi everyone, thanks for helping me decide! I would prefer to match back to the west coast and right now I’m interested in EM, though this could certainly change.

  • NOLA is amazing and there is so much to do in New Orleans. It would be so cool to live there for 4 years.
  • diverse patient population
  • TONS of student run clinics
  • Students seem really happy
  • Unique programs such as culinary medicine
  • can use undergrad campus to study / access gym
  • lectures are not mandatory and are recorded, P/F
  • Seems to carry more name recognition
  • a good amount of people seem to be matching on the west coast
  • Lots of home residency programs (however no EM residency which is what I’m interested in at this point)
  • Not much traveling required for rotations
  • lots of crime in NOLA
  • far away from home (~ 5 hour flight), no family close
  • large class size - less guidance/mentoring?
  • Facilities don't seem quite as nice
University of Vermont
  • Students seem really happy
  • Burlington is cute and outdoorsy, reminds me of my hometown
  • Campus and facilities are beautiful, and the medical campus is on the undergrad campus which is nice
  • small-ish class size (About 100)
  • P/F
  • Lots of home residency programs (including EM)
?: completely active style learning with no lectures and 1.5 year preclinical, not sure if this is a pro or con.

  • Soooo far away, about an 8 hour flight
  • COLD
  • Rural location - less diverse clinical experiences?
  • Traveling for rotations to locations such as Maine, CT, and FL
  • not as many west coast matches, though this is probably due to more people being from the NE.
University of Nevada, Reno (OOS)
  • Close to home, about an 8 hour drive and a 1.5 hour flight. Close to SO who lives in California (though this is not my #1 factor and I want to do what is best for my career)
  • Pretty campus and nice facilities, on an undergrad campus
  • Weather is good, close to Tahoe, lots of outdoorsy activities
  • small class size (About 70)
  • lots of matches to west coast.
  • Doesn't seem to have as good of a reputation as Tulane and UVM. Especially with USMLE Step 1 becoming P/F, not sure if school reputation matters more at this point.
  • Only IM, FM, and psychiatry home residency programs
  • research does not seem as emphasized as the other two
Summary: They are all P/F and similar in price (Reno about 7k cheaper/year). Right now I'm leaning towards Tulane due to the better location than UVM and more prestige/clinical opportunities/research opportunities than Reno. However, I love that Reno is close to home and close to SO. Thanks!
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