Jul 5, 2015
Hey everyone. I was just wondering what the average time between completing the app and getting a decision for interviews should be. I was complete for most schools around mid July. I haven't heard anything from any schools yet, and I'm just wondering when I should start to be concerned.

One of my recommenders ignored me and never submitted my letter so I had to find one to write it instead last minute. I was very kind and polite and deferential but I'm worried that maybe the meh letter spoiled my application :/

Either way, it's really hard to stay hopeful at this point. I'm so, so sad y'all :(

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Mar 25, 2016
Based on my experience, letters mean jack. I've seen people on here claim to get supplementals and invites with none of their letters even processed. To be specific, I think someone said this about NOVA. But anyway, I have stellar letters from established professors and it hasn't done much to sway admissions for interviews. I think, at least when it comes to dental schools, it boils down to the stats on the front cover. It doesn't really matter when you apply. Everyone told me the reason for my lack of interviews must be I wasn't first batch the past few cycles and so far I have zero interviews. Your EC, volunteer, research, shadowing really don't matter. A strong undergraduate GPA and an above average DAT are the only guarantee for a shot. A lot of people do get in with lower GPA and lower DAT but it's really luck of the draw. Remember, it's a subjective process. I spoke to counselors who said they have denied 24AA as well.

Long story short, don't worry. You can't do anything about it. See what happens. Roll the dice. Nothing matters lol.
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Jan 30, 2016
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I didnt hear from any till this Wednesday( got 1) . I think most schools are still reviewing applications. Some schools only send out second batches of invites after they have interviewed the first batch. You have all the way up to June before having to worry. So chillax.