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    I have several years of school left before I apply for an MPH, so opportunities for internships (mostly summer). Right now I'm interested in global health and infectious diseases (maybe that will change in a couple of years! I'm pretty sure about wanting to go into public health though).

    I was wondering which types of internships would you recommend to get the broadest possible view of the different types of careers in public health? For example research, industry, NGO, experience in developing countries... There seem to be a lot of different possibilities and I surely won't be able to try everything out, but are there a few main categories that would help have a better sense of the setting in which I would want to apply for work in the future?

    Thanks in advance for any insight.
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    Read this link for some useful information:

    In public health, probably the most sought after and prestigious internships lie at the CDC or WHO. You may/may not get paid (definitely not at WHO, unless you can use some scholarship money from your undergrad to fund your internship/study abroad). Those are also among the toughest internships to get, but you should try and see if you can get there. They will teach you, A LOT. Otherwise, getting experience in developing countries will look awesome on a CV and will teach you a lot, but again the big issue is getting paid.

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