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Oct 4, 2006
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Hey just a quick question,
what are the UMich seniors doing next year?
I know one is going home for private practice...but the rest?

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3 are doing ACGME pain fellowships. 1 turned down 2 ACGME pain fellowship positions to do interventional spine/EMG/MSK in a private PMR/ORTHO practice. 1 is staying on as faculty. 1 is joining his fathers MSK/EMG practice.

Hope this helps and good luck.
just wondering what all those guys I met are going to be doing... I was there the day the faculty member was being interviewed as for the spot.
and I know the one who is going to join his dads practice is going to be joined by his brother there in a year.
You forgot your last classmate who is interviewing all over the midwest at the moment (private practice, older resident with several mouths to feed)

Shouldn't you be doing consults instead of poaching my procedures? :laugh: