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UB buffalo!!

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by dreamfish, Feb 4, 2001.

  1. dreamfish

    dreamfish Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Feb 4, 2001
    My application profile was sent in I thought I'd have to wait for another year for dental school. Surprisingly, just receive a letter for interview for UB...YEAH!! [​IMG]
    Please, if anybody has information on UB or just interview tips in general... I'd really appreciate your help!! thanks.

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  3. gower

    gower 1K Member 10+ Year Member

    Oct 14, 2000
    New York
    You have to take every interview seriously. Since at the moment this is your only invitation, make the best of it. And I will tell you how.
    You can get a catalog and browse through it, but I treat catalog as I do travel brochures, you read only the good things and the promises: your hotel will be on the Riveria with a panoramic view, rooms are excellent, etc. When you check in, you find the promises greatly exaggerated. What else do you expect? The catalog promotes the good qualities of the dental school. So how do you find out something closer to the truth?

    Pick the brains of students currently enrolled. How are you going to do that efficently? Not the hit or miss of asking at this site, although it is a beginning.

    Arrive for the interview no later than noon of the day before, NOT the evening before and certainly not the morning of the interview day. Wherever you will stay (the dental school will probably suggest suggest suitable places), take a taxi from the (airport if you are flying) and check in. Drop your bag, freshen up, and take a taxi to the dental school, unless it is alking distance. Find the Admissions office, identify yourself, let them know know your interview is tomorrow and ask for help in finding dental students to speak with. Ask for students as much like yourself as possible: if you are female, speak with at least some females. If you have to search yourself for students, try student lounges/dining rooms first. Ask every question you can think of, such as: what was the your interview like, what are commonly asked questions, how do you like the dental school, any problems I should be aware of, where do you live, do I need a car to get around, any safety issues, general cost of living (the dental school tells you the tuition), what do you do for fun, anything you can think of. All of this is not in the catalog. Ask more than one or two students if you can. Ask someone to give you a quickie tour even though the offial one will likely be given the day of the interview. All of these questions are far more important than "prestige" "ratings", etc. You have to be what I call a "happy camper" to do well. Buffalo is a large city, not NYC size to be sure; you might want to walk around in town, if you have time, to see for yourself, keep alert and don't just wander around. When you are through, take a taxi back to where you are staying, have dinner, kick off your shoes, look at a little TV and then have a good night's rest. Leave a wake up call for a time that will give you plenty of time to have breakfast (if you want) and get dressed and ready to leave for the interview. You should not be late, when you get to the dental school you will know which door to enter, where the admissions office is, you will not get lost and delayed, you have an idea what to expect of the interview and you will be far calmer than if you had walked in cold.

    There will probably be other applicants waiting: chat with them; if any of them act or seem peculiar, move away. Keep in mind that you may visible to the admissions office folks, so behave. Don't underestimate the effect a negative comment or a positive comment to your interviewer or the adcom may have. Don't adopt a snotty attitude to office personnel making the mistake some do of thinking they are only the little folks and insignificant.

    Dress appropriately for the weather and for the interview: a suit usually for men although a sport coat is alright unless it is one suitable for a used car salesman. Women tend to wear dresses or skirts, but I think pants are acceptable. Neat and clean is the watchword. If the weather outside is frightful (Buffalo gets a lot of snow) dress for that, bring a small bag with your interview clothes and change in the women's/men's room before and change back when you leave.

    At the interview itself, remain calm. Think before you answer questions. Always tell the truth; liars have to have good memories to remember what they say. The interview is not to find reasons to reject you, but to accept you. Don't slouch in your chair. It is appropriate to introduce yourself briefly when you enter the room without waiting for the interviewer to ask. Eye contact is critical. Thank the interviewer when you leave. You can pretty well expect an interviewer to ask you: why dentistry? And to ask questions to test your knowledge of dentistry. "I like to help people" is not enough. If you applied also to medical school, and you are asked, don't lie, tell the truth. Worst thing is to be caught lying or strongly suspected to be lying. Know something about dentistry; expect to be asked some questions to find out if you did your homework.

    As a capper, and if you fell you have the time and can absorb the extra expense, stay overnight, go back to admissions (its the 3d time they have seen you) and find out if it possible to speak with your interviewer for a few minutes. Have a good question in reserve, one that you "forgot" to ask the day before. You will be remembered because you evidently show interest, you did your homework, you did not come in and out in one day as if you really don't have much interest in Buffalo as a possible first choice. You should not say it is your first choice if it is not, that you will have to consider what other choices, if you have any, are best for you; they understand that there are a variety of valid reasons why you might choose another school if you have choices.

    I know it is expensive, but after all you have already spent in money and anxiety, and all you will spend in money and anxiety in denatal school, now is not the time to be a cheeseparer, to scrimp, to save the expense, when so much rides on the interview.

    Good luck!
  4. dreamfish

    dreamfish Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Feb 4, 2001
    hey, thanks for the really helped a lot!! especially the "arriving one day early" advice!! to tell you the truth, I seriously considered the option of arriving on the day of the interview (just to save on the hotel expense)!! But your're right, my first priority should be on the interview and not spent too much time on travel plans.
    I'm really nervous about this interview.. it's my first one (maybe my last one, too [​IMG] ) Well, wish me luck!


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