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Has anyone checked their UC app status and had their UC app received but not AMCAS? I sent my UC apps out 3 weeks ago, the only school who has me in my database is UCI, who also has my AMCAS data. The others have nothing on me. I'm worried they lost my UC app, but perhaps they don't put you in the database until they have your AMCAS info. Anyone know?


hey badass ;)
this was the case for me for quite a few weeks since i sent my uc before amcas was verified i was concerned. however, by now they have all said they recieved the app - even though some are much slower than others. they started showing up about 5 weeks after i sent them in, though i think they may have recieved them much earlier. their databases are certainly not realtime, beacuse someone has to enter data etc... and with the way ucla is taking things, i can imagine that it takes a long time for some schools. call them to allay your concerns, otherwise give it another week. take care,
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