UC Fee Increase

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Apr 21, 2004
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As a lot of dental students in California know, a potential 40% increase in tuition is coming up next year. I was wondering, around how much money does that equates to? California is weird in that supposedly nobody in the UC pays tuition, instead they pay something called "fees". Are these "fees" the ones that are going to be increased by 40%? If so, how much are they now and how much would they increase by? I went to the UCLA website and it seems like there are so many types of fees, so I don't know if the particular educational fee is increasing, or the entire amount of all fees are increasing. It looks like it could be ~$7k or ~16k respectively. Anybody that has received their financial aid letter or any letter stating a monetary value of the increase please reply.

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I assume it'd be the same, maybe a little more for UCLA.
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I guess I will have a lot of ramen noodles for my next 4 yrs.
It is most likely that all fees will increase due to "inflation"
I know rent might be going up, too. That's part of living expenses.
i am assuming this only applies to state schools. the increase being a result of cuts in funding from the state.
The big increases for professional school tuition at state universities started at University of Michigan and University of Virginia. The concept is rapidly spreading to other state schools. The state legislatures are buying into the arguement that tax payers should not be expected to heavily subsidize the educational costs of physicians, dentists, and lawyers who are projected to earn much more in life time income than the average tax payer.
This is somewhat sad. With a great amount of debt, it somewhat forces people to get a high paying job. Who will take care of the less fortunate? It is a vicous cycle. If the state doesnt think that higher education worths subsidies, it is harder and harder to convince professionals to give back. I am not sure how bad the situation for dentists. I know some medical school students are thinking to go into plastic surgery just to pay off their debt. Who will be our primary physicians to take care of us? Hopefully, the situation aint as bad as I experienced.

Would it be possible to seek another solution? Like compensation type thing, where graduated dentists could work in a rural area and got some money back. I know there is the National health program, but couldnt there be something government program as well? This way, it gives us a choice - to both benefit our students and people in the state.
Ecdoesit, on top of what you mentioned, those who are from low income families will never get a chance to attend professional schools.

Who are waging unjustified wars?
removing taxes for the rich?
raising tuition?
spending our future money?
cut off benenficial programs?

You know, they do have a point. We are going to earn enough to pay for our debt, but I have no idea how come they dont raise taxes on the rich. Couldnt they impose a tax on cars over 40K? Like a bracket kinda thing. This will make things complicated, but at least the rich can pay that bill.

We are responsible for our actions. There are multiple meetings for higher education. I believe I have posted a link to write our governor an email to ask to reconsider lowering our budget toward education in another thread. We really should show how much education means to us. And make sure Arnold knows about it. Here is the link: http://alumni.ucsd.edu/features/04_message01.htm please read and do you can to help us to keep our debt down. Let our voice to be heard. Cos in 2 wks, the next year budget revision will be due. Thanks.
i guess you have known the news as well. if not please read


i m kinda glad that the raise is not as high as 40%. But I still have doubt on the whole motive to beat up our fellow professional school students. If the reason why we should pay more is that we can pay it off later on, how come Gov Schwarzenegger doesnt raise taxes on the rich who has the money NOW. Or some other solution Why should we and the future of our state be placed in jeopardy?

Feel free to enlightened me.