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Mar 5, 2002
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So who else is going to be spending their next 4 years down in sunny OC? There's another school I would consider going to if I'm accepted off of their waitlist in the next 4 weeks, but most likely I'll be at Irvine this fall. Where are you guys planning on living your first year?

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my little brother is doing his undergrad there right now.

nice school..

clean area..

no crime...

but no girls either =(

(not to sound superficial but this is important as well as anything)
Cipher: If you don't mind me asking, where did you go for undergrad? I think the other UCs have decent accept rates at UC Irvine Medical. I'll definitely be considering it when I apply. Although I won't be applying for a LONG time. I want to stay here and do as much research as possible before I leave. I'll be here for another 3 years probably.
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Originally posted by BerkeleyPremed
Cipher: If you don't mind me asking, where did you go for undergrad? I think the other UCs have decent accept rates at UC Irvine Medical.

I went to USC, and I noticed that there weren't too many USC grads at either of the UC's I interviewed at (UCLA & UCI). In fact, I think there was just one person in the class of 2006 at Irvine, and one person in the same class at UCLA who graduated from 'SC. The UC's do seem to look favorably upon UC undergrads (especially UCI, which only takes CA residents) but it might just be that so many UC students end up at UC med schools because of the huge number of qualified premeds that come out of the UC system.

i'll be yo homie for the next 4yrs. i love irvine and i don't know what kmnfive is talkin about but i went to uci for undergrad and the girls are there dawg. you just need to know where to look... trust me. i wouldn't be goin back if the female population wasn't happenin. As far as your question about housing cipher, me and ma bros are looking at costa mesa. cause we all want our own rooms and unlike the majority of irvine kids we don't have our parents bank rolling our edumacation... so we just might be able to get our own rooms in costa for just around 500 each which is pretty decent. costa mesa is affordable and about 5min away from irvine and newport :cool:

have you started reading the spirit catches you book yet, i'm still in the summer kick back mood but very excited about the start of school, which is so unlike me.

So cipher, where ya gonna be livin during the first year?

yeah, housing is my biggest problem right now because I'm not familiar with the area and I'm not sure where to look for reasonably priced apartments. Is it tough to find a place in Costa Mesa? How about Huntington or Newport Beach? It would be f'ing fantastic if I could find a place that's not too far from campus for around $500-600/month. I'm going to contact Gayle to see if there is anyone else looking for a roomate. I might have to move down there a little early in order to find a place.

I was planning on buying the spirit book sometime this week. I can tell from the title of the book that it's something I would never read if I wasn't forced to, but I don't think it'll be a good idea to show up unprepared for the first day of classes, huh? If you read it before I do, let me know what you think.
I am halfway thru spirit catches you, some chapters are interesting, others are not, but should not be a problem to skim thru, it's a quick read, are u guys going to the student-faculty conference in october...I hate spending a weekend with a bunch of professors,
see you guys at orientation
Do you guys know how many students UCI has accepted from CSUs? Im at CSULB, and my health advisor told me that we have our "fair share" there: She wouldn't give me a number, so im hoping our fair share isn't 1.
Originally posted by premyo2002
Do you guys know how many students UCI has accepted from CSUs? Im at CSULB, and my health advisor told me that we have our "fair share" there: She wouldn't give me a number, so im hoping our fair share isn't 1.

As long as you're a CA resident and you have a fairly strong application (~30 MCAT, 3.5 gpa, good LORs, etc.) you'll have a good shot at getting into a UC, regardless of where you did your undergrad. As far as the actual number of CSU students accepted to UCI, I have no idea. :confused:
Ma jiga.

Yeah the spirit book is strictly a force to read book for me too? but who knows maybe it will help be a more humane surgeon? hehe. Sup Qdefiant, I spoke with couple of my friends that just finished first year at uci med and the ones that attended the conference where glad and the one that didn?t was upset about that choice? let me give ya guys the breakdown? enjoy it in the beginning cause even if you think its hard it will really pick up near march? march madness is not just about college basketball let just say? anywho the conference is a really good chance for first years to get to know each other and also for us to better get to know the 2nd years and so forth. There are some edumacational stuff happenin of course, but as always with all work we must get some play. Ya know what I?m sayin?. Seriously though it is a must. The classes in the first or so weeks aren?t too bad and there gonna curve it the schedule so that we can attend San Diego w/out missing anything at all. I already sent ma reservation. I went getto though, three to one room. Ya all witnesses now, I got dibs on the bed. Hope you guys decide to make the trip and if not we kick it enough in the broke down student lounge that you should be sick of me way before the end of the year? j/k.

Cipher, I got the book from my big bro and if I read before you I?ll be sure to discuss the important parts w/ ya. Hope you guys are enjoying this last month of summer and see ya all in august orientation.


i almost forgot, yeah gail has a list of students that are looking for housing that could help you out. Also if you find roommates and end up going on an apt. hunt give these guys a call, their name is RentsCal and they have listings of places in OC and when its available and how much it is and so fort. 7149688514. good luck with the apt. hunt.

Hey, thanks a lot for that info, OP! Gayle just sent me that sheet with the others who are looking for roommates, so hopefully I'll be able to find someone who's in the same situation as me.
Cipher: "As long as you're a CA resident and you have a fairly strong application (~30 MCAT, 3.5 gpa, good LORs, etc.) you'll have a good shot at getting into a UC, regardless of where you did your undergrad. As far as the actual number of CSU students accepted to UCI, I have no idea."

To Cipher and Premyo2002: I found this chart about admissions to UC Irvine Medical. According to the numbers here, about 4% of the applicants from California State Universities were accepted. I'm assuming that this includes all of the CSU campuses across the state. 12/303 applicants from the CSU system were accepted. From the stats, it looks like people from the UC system as well as Stanford have advantages here.

http://home.sandiego.edu/~e_cook/vault/medical/irvine/uci-med-97.html (the data is from 1997)...I'll see if I can find a newer link
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Thank you all very much!! Hopefully i'll be on a related thread in a couple of years...:D :horns: :horns: :horns:
hey guys :). i'll be at uci this fall!!
i've decided to attend the conference in order to get to know my classmates a little better. plus san diego is a bit more happening than irvine, so it'll be fun to go out to some cool places.
i've alread found housing and will be living a few short blocks from the beach. sweet :). beats the cold east coast any day!

I'm also going to be attending UCI later this month. Hehe, I thought I was the only one without housing this close to the start of school but I guess we're all in the same boat. Although I do have family in Irvine so if I don't find a place in time, it's not a big deal. Parts of Irvine aren't too bad, specifically Westpark where they have some great apts for decent pricing. As long as you go in with some roommates you'll be fine. I was unsure about the faculty/student conference but it seems like a good time to get to know my future classmates. Enjoy what remains of summer, we don't have too much left...:(
hey guys,

i also hope to be attending uci...are any of you still waiting on other schools? I'm pretty close to the top of the waitlist and Dr. P said i had a pretty good chance...i love UCI and i hope to GO!:clap:
Sup Dre,

just keep the faith brother, uci has a pretty good wailist movement and if Dr. P. said your positioned well than you got some seriously strong chances. hope to see you in orientation dawg, just keep your head up.

JRSCGSR and Lola... I'm glad to hear that you guys decided to attend the conference in san diego, it should be a really fun way to begin the first year.

just registered for the conference, hope it'll be fun...
of course it'll be fun, have you ever been to one that wasn't :rolleyes: ... well most... some ok, ok. this one will be:cool:

hey cipher,

have you heard from that other medical school you are waiting on? I would love to take your spot at UCI! hahah!
just got back from a nice summer trip and can't wait till school starts. so from reading the earlier posts i take it that the overall feeling is a yes toward the san diego conference thingie... good enough for me. i guess you can count me in as well :clap:

see ya all on aug 27.

I'm currently on the waitlist, but have no idea where I am on it. Does anyone know how we can find out?

Someone said that Dr. P told them - who is Dr. P and can I ask him?

Last question - is there anything I can do at this stage to increase my chances?

Hope to see you this fall.
Dr. P = Elena Peterson, Associate Dean of Student Admissions
You should be able to reach her at the admissions office. It's getting pretty late for waitlist movement though. I think most schools have pretty much set their incoming class and the only movement is going to come from students not showing up for orientation. Don't lose hope though because I heard last year two students were invited the day of orientation. I doubt there's anything you can do other than simply letting Dr. Peterson know that you're interested/committed to attending UCI if chosen. Good luck!!!
Yes, I've been told By Dr. Peterson that the class has been filled. The only hope for those still waitlisted is that somebody would drop out at the last minute. Unlikely, but possible.

i am very interested in uci.
can you please give us some pointers? do any of you mind sharing your stats?

even if not, i congrat all of you!!!!!!!!!!!
Did everyone find a place to live yet? I just signed a lease on an apt 2 miles away from campus in Irvine if anyone is interested. You would get your own master bedroom/bathroom complete with a huge walk-in closet for all your clothes-hanging needs!! Anyways, just thougth I'd take a shot with future classmates before using Irvine's roommate finding service. It will be more pricey than living further from campus but I liked this one the best of all the apt's I visited on Thursday. Thanks guys...only 3 more weeks!!!!
Sup Jon,

Have you got on the e-mail list of students looking for roommates? cause if not just contact ms. Pierce and she will get you on it and you could just send a shout out to see if any of your future classmates are still looking for a room/ place to live. Its worth trying before you head out and just look for roommates in Irvine roommate finding services.


PS: on a completely related topic ( yeah right ), have you guys seen the new solaris movie and get the ending? My girlfriend wanted to watch it and you know how that drill goes, so we did and now I?m just wondering what the heck? so he just lives in a state of constant dreams w/ his wife on that plant??

Man I knew we should have just gone out tonight. Girlfriends, can?t watch quality movies with them and can?t get laid w/ out them ;)

can the successful applicant share their info with sdners applying now...

would really appreciate it. thanks!
have you tried looking at mdapplicants.com? it shows profiles for a lot of applicants who were accepted.
if there's one thing i learned about med school admissions it's that you can never predict if you will/will not get into any particular school. i got accepted to schools i was way out range for mcatwise (my score was much lower than their averages) and rejected from tons of schools i felt more competitive at. the best thing to do is go into the admissions process with an open mind about schools and not get your heart set on a particular place, because you never know what will happen!
the only pointer i have about uci is something that came from my interviewer. he told met hat uci really likes to see strong letters of rec from recent extra-curriculars. i suppose the same could be said for most schools, though! good luck.