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Dec 13, 2019
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Hello all, my family and I are deciding between EVMS and UCI. I am from the San Diego area and would love to go back however we love the idea of the southeast (VA, NC, SC, TN) and view it as a practical and desirable place to plant roots down the line. Currently have an energetic 2 year old at home so space is valued. Financial aid packages were comparable (neither a pro nor a con). See myself pursuing something procedural but unsure at the moment. TIA!

  • far more prestigious/better match list!!!
  • P/F MS1/MS2
  • better research opportunities
  • would live in a shoebox and pay out the behind AKA COL - big negative
  • not in the same city as family (1hr+ drive)
  • internal rankings?? Only show up on deans list from what I understand

  • P/F MS1/MS2, with H, HP, P, F as MS3 and MS4
  • Optional lectures
  • NBME based exams
  • close to many non-immediate family members (who wouldn't help w/ childcare but would provide a sense of home)
  • COL!!! - space to cost of living ratio is a fantastic value; we would be much more financially comfortable
  • community-based/research tough to come by

Summary: EVMS checks almost every box and would allow for a very comfortable 4 years however the prestige/name of UCI has me scratching my head. I have more responsibilities at home than the average MD student, so I view any opportunity to help myself/have a leg up as one that I shouldn't pass up.

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I’m not so concerned with the name of UCI as I am with the location. I think both schools are US MD schools that will get you where you need to be. Neither school is incredibly prestigious and neither school is exceptionally poor. They’re both solid US MD schools that will do that job.

My takeaway from your post is that your immediate family is only 1 hour away from UCI? I don’t have any children but I can imagine that childcare costs at EVMS will exceed the benefit of having family nearby to help with the childcare. For that reason alone, I’m strongly leaning towards UCI.

If I misunderstood and you don’t value the proximity to immediate family with a toddler, then I think EVMS is objectively the better choice. Otherwise I’d go with UCI due to the family proximity
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Other current EVMS student here you can message me too.

EVMS may not be a research powerhouse but there are plenty of opportunities. I’m not sure what you mean by “community-based” but EVMS prides itself on striving to be VERY community-focused. You will have no shortage of opportunities to serve the community if that’s what you want.
UCI! zot zot zot especially if you have any thoughts of coming back to Cali. UCI might give an edge with research being a more established UC school. Both are solid institutions!