UCLA v Miami

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Oct 25, 2022
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Hi! I'm deciding between Miami and UCLA and need some help. Assuming same COA for both.

Miami Pros:
  • 14-month preclinical
  • P/F preclinical
  • Matches well into Florida (Florida is where I’m from and also where I want to eventually end up)
  • Closer to my family and support system (within a day’s driving distance)
Miami Cons:
  • AOA
  • Ranked into quartiles
  • Graded clinicals
  • Required 8am-12pm classes every day
UCLA Pros:
  • True P/F, both preclinical and clinical without rank (except 4th year)
  • 12 month preclinical
  • No AOA
  • T20 school
  • LA weather
UCLA Cons:
  • Far from family and support system (it's like a 6 hour flight from family)
  • This entire thread scares me: UCLA Medical School in Crisis
  • seems like a lot of required class time during first year, but less frequent/consistent than everyday like Miami
I am interested in a few competitive (ortho, anesthesia, rads) and also some less competitive specialties (PM&R). I would like to match into residency in Florida which is why I am hesitant on choosing UCLA. Prior to reading the UCLA med school in crisis thread I would not have hesitated to choose UCLA... Now, I am questioning if it’s worth moving across the country for.

A note on their curriculums: Both curriculums have a similar format of a condensed preclinical year/14 months, clerkships second year, and then third year is flexible and allows for you to do research which i really like. Is UCLA's true P/F for 3 years really worth all the hype?

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If your concern is matching back to FL, then UCLA won’t close doors for you and you should definitely go there.

If your concern is spending 4 years away from friends/family, then you should go to Miami.

UCLA is objectively the much better school, especially if COA is the same. I would only choose Miami if spending 4 years in LA is going to be an issue for you
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