hey don't take it too hard - a friend of mine who worked here last year was rejected by uf, and 3 other places lickity-split --- he was freakin out, beacuse they were his "safeties" --- but he eventually interviewed at penn,jhu,and H and goes to penn now. sometimes they reject you if they don't think you would be likely to accept them -

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Jun 24, 2001
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thanks guys for the support.

I don't feel too bad, especially because I expected that Florida schools take mostly florida residents. So, being from california, they probably dont see me as a priority.

Penn would be an awesome choice by the way.

well, back to the other secondaries.


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Feb 1, 2001
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If you're not from Florida, you shouldn't even bother applying there. Even if you are from Florida, they've got some wierd stuff going on in their admissions office. They make some strange decisions there, but one thing I've noticed is that they really emphasize undergraduate gpa (don't know if that had anything to do with your case or not).

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All 3 Florida Schools screen before sending out secondaries. Florida residents need a minimum 3.2 to get a secondary from UMiami. Out of state applicants need a 3.6. (Miami is hoping to become less of a regional school so they are now accepting up to 30 out of staters I believe.) UF has some strange cutoff for secondaries. USF also has a GPA and MCAT cutoff. Forgot what it was. If you're not a Florida resident, don't bother applying to USF or UF, they take close to zero out of staters every year.


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UM takes up to 35 out of state residents each year now. Apply there! They seem to really like out of staters now (sometimes accepting some with less stats than their own Florida residents). Also, don't worry about the cost difference. It is my understanding that out of staters get scholarships that cover the difference between that of Florida resident's tuition. So, if you get in, you will be paying the same as a Florida resident.
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