UHCO Flooded!

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Apr 25, 2001
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Hi guys

Just wanted to fill you in on what's going on at the University of Houston. 90% of the university sustained damage in the flooding from this last weekend. The university closed for the week to aid clean up. From what I could tell from the web page the University Eye Clinic is back up and running as of Wednesday morning. (yeah!) So, hopefully the optometry school didn't suffer that much damage. Some of the buildings got up to 12 FEET of water! I did notice however that the optometry school server is down. So, keep the school in your thoughts and hopefully clean up efforts are going well. I'm starting to feel guilty that i'm here in CA at work rather than down there helping my future school.


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YIKES! Id say thats a bad thing! If I knew how to get to Houston Id offer some help??? :eek: :eek: :eek:
I was actually wondering about that.... The "Allison" did a lot of damage.... I hope things will be okay.... I guess, only time can tell.... I wonder how that's going to affect cost of living, cost of tuition and such for future students.... I'm sure there's going to be some sort of cost compensation for the damages.... I'll hope for the best....

Does this happen often around that area? :(
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It's actually not that common. Don't get me wrong.. it does flood there from time to time. But everyone's saying this is one of the worst disasters they've ever seen to the area. (and we're talking more damage than a tornado)
Flooding like this is more common in Louisiana. since they're already below sea level to begin with. :(
I got a letter today from an orientation advisor at UHCO. she said that the optometry school damage was minimal! :) which is great news! They reopened the clinic on wednesday to patients and classes are resuming across the campus on monday. About 130 classes are going to have to be diverted from damaged areas of the campus, but they're going to be holding classes on campus as of monday. The optometry school server and phone lines are still down.. so she said if future students are trying to contact UHCO the lines should be back up and working by monday.
It's great to hear that the school is OKAY!
Thought you guys would want an update!
That's definitely great news.... The human spirit prevails again.... :D

I just hope the flood victims are coping well.... My prayers go out to them.
this year has brought tons of floods, especially in TX