UHCO Interview

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Jul 8, 2004
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For those who have already interviewed at UHCO, I have an interview this friday and was wondering if you could let me know what questions were asked. I'm getting a bit nervous...any help would be greatly appreciated.

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They didn’t ask me anything out of the ordinary. I thought it was straightforward, and everybody was nice. They asked me to tell them about myself and I pretty much answered the questions that I knew they were going to ask.
Just relax, and it all will be OK :thumbup:
UHCO is a VERY chill interview. You'll do great ! They have a list of questions and just pick one from each topic at randon. It'll be one UHCO student and one prof/attending.

Good luck !! I'll most likely be out of the building by interview time or I'd stop by to say Hi.
hey mtong, hope your interview went well!! :p