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May 24, 2017
    Incredibly excited to be accepted at both these programs and now have to make a decision. Curriculum style is listed as a pro for both because I feel I could be successful in either style.

    UIWSOM Pros:
    - Would keep me close to my family/other important people in my life
    - Staying in TX for medical school would perhaps set me up better to get a residency here, and TX is where I want my career to be. All the rotations are in TX hospitals.
    - ~10k per year cheaper tuition, possibly more with AZCOM's annual increases
    - A newer, more innovative curriculum
    - Pass/Fail grading system
    - San Antonio is an awesome city that I grew up close to and am very familiar with

    - A newer school and all the bumps in the road that come with that (Someone on here said only 70% of students passed first semester but I couldn't find a source for this). Also obviously no match lists or board scores to look at.
    - Very small campus and limited student facilities, have to drive ~15 minutes to the main UIW campus to use the gym
    - Prosected Anatomy. The students said this saves them time and is great, but I really would love a full anatomy lab experience if possible.

    MWU-AZCOM Pros:
    - An older, established schools with impressive match lists and board scores
    - A traditional, powerpoint style curriculum
    - VERY impressive, large campus and student facilities. Other health professional programs gives it a "campus" type feel. Has an on campus fitness center.
    - More access to research opportunities
    - (From what I've been told) strong rotations in the Phoenix area
    - Traditional cadaver anatomy lab

    - Brutal tuition with annual increases. Could possibly be 75k+ by my 4th year. Also would have higher travel expenses.
    - Relocating to Arizona would keep me very far from family/support system.
    - Traditional A/B/C grading system
    - 2-3 tests per week curriculum

    Personally, I don't think I could go wrong with either. Really enjoyed both interview days and what both schools have to offer. I appreciate anyone's insights!
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    May 24, 2017
      Bumping for additional insight. Would going with UIW give me any advantages for eventually finding GME in Texas? That’s what my main concern is here. I’m aware that AZCOM is the better/more proven school but I want to give myself every advantage possible for securing a residency spot in Texas down the road.


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      Feb 5, 2018
      1. Medical Student

        (I can't post links yet but just add https:// to the beginning of that and it will work)

        This is from the AZCOM website and will show you where students matched from 2011-2016. There have been plenty of matches to various specialties at various institutions in Texas. This tells me that these institutions are familiar with AZCOM and its students so there is already somewhat of an established pipeline.

        Obviously UIWSOM gives you home court advantage. However the 4th year at AZCOM gives you plenty of time for aways and sub-I's
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        Nov 27, 2014
        1. Pre-Medical
          Congrats on the acceptances! Im a TX resident too! I agree that the UIWSOM campus is a little underwhelming, but I think the cheaper tuition and staying close to family will be worth it. This was my only II invite this past cycle, and I was rejected post II, was very saddened lol. I will be re-applying again though do you have any tips for me based on your acceptance and from others? Thank you!
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