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Dec 14, 2005

can anyone tell me what is the fee per year for a medical college in uk, london, and if i can get a scholarship?

is it difficult to be accepted in a medical school there?

do u need to take an interview, or u just apply and u are accepted?

how about the privat college?

u can replay to [email protected]



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Dec 27, 2004
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Sorry I don't know the answer.

However I also have a question. lol
Any med student in the Essex area?? Any medical school in Essex,London or better still which is the nearest medical school. Any teaching hospitals too??And which library will u recommend for an intl medical student

I am a Medical student(in Brazil) and I will be in London for my vacation. I would love to take the opportunity to get some first hand knowledge about Medicine in the UK


Kev (UK)

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Jul 22, 2003
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There is no medical school in Essex but St. Bartholomews and the London students get sent there on placements and it is the nearest med school to Essex.

Students from there can be found at http://www.admissionsforum.co.uk
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