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    can anyone tell me how difficult it is to get into this program? like is there any place i can find that tells me # of applicants/ # of acceptances. i'm talkin bout the Rutgers-UMDNJ program. has anyone here undergone this program? is it difficult to succeed after takin undergrad in only 3 yrs? how is the medical school itself?
  2. alrite take this to da pre-allo u will get better responses ;) and good luck!
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    3 years of undergrad can easily prepare you for med school... but find out what requirements the program has after you get in. For example:

    - Does it have a minimum GPA requirement? (Good stuff if it isn't too high!)

    - Do you take the MCAT? (There is at least one that requires no MCAT-- those that do have a minimum score requirement, usually.)

    - What does "accelerated" mean? (If it requires you to take lots more classes at once than "regular" undergrads, that can be intense.)

    I know nothing about the specific proggy-- never even heard of it, and I did the research and thought I found all of those programs during HS-- is it new?

    All I can say is that the requirements have a huge effect on the types of students who turn up in your first-year med school class. If the requirements are really intense (i.e. high MCAT score, high GPA, lots of classes in order to keep your place at the med school) then it can be pretty jittery. But most of these programs are geared to produce physicians with an understanding of reality, so they try to make it a laid-back environment. I think most people have a good experience with them.

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