UMDNJ - Bone up over the Summer

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Nov 2, 2007
  1. Pre-Dental
    OP, i recently bought anatomy and physiology coloring books. i believe the artist is wynn kapit. i've only done a few pages of the anatomy so far but i like it and i am getting familiar with different terms. the book is very comprehensive. i've also never had immunology so i borrowed the campbell textbook from someone and just read through the chapter to refamiliarize myself with the ideas. i'm also taking a 'principles of human disease' class this term which touches on immunology briefly, so i've been paying particular attention to that.

    it is true that you should relax as much as possible this summer. as for myself, i have quite a bit of traveling planned and am really going to make the most of it. i'm just finding it easier to work on some prep for d-school right now than work on my current classes. i am ready to graduate and get started on the next step.

    see you in august!


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    Aug 10, 2007
    1. Dental Student
      I remember being in the same position when I graduated college; I was so eager just to move on to the next phase of life, start UMDNJ. I wanted to get a jump start on everything as soon as I could. I did, in fact, purchase a physiology boards review book and browsed it over during the summer. In retrospect, I realize that it didn't make the slightest difference in my performance in physiology. The best way to study is by reviewing the professor's notes and your notes/scribes anyway...why is why I would not recommend spending time memorizing details/concepts if the professor will be teaching it differently anyway. Enjoy and savor every last moment of free time you possibly can. Don't mean this to scare you, but once youre in dental school, it's NUTS, put simply. It's not like college, where if you study your butt off, you reap the benefits and get great grades. You will be taking 85 credits during your first year...for most of us, that's roughly equivalent to 3/4 of our college career! We all know how to be good students--do the work, study, make outlines, etc. Now, you will be learning the art of dentistry in addition to that. Manual dexterity to the nth degree. You will be learning a WHOLE NEW SKILL...and you will have tests and practicals, and if your drilled tooth .5mm off from ideal, you lose points. So, point of this little ramble is that dental school is a beast. You have the didactics and lab courses, each of which are so challenging to begin with...and when you take them ALL together, the additive effect is monstrous. At UMDNJ, this wil become more evident to you in your second semester when you start drilling. Anyway, PLEASE please please...enjoy your summer! relax, travel, take the time to do things now, because your summers will be shortened greatly after this.
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