UMSL Interview Experience

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Aug 12, 2021
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Hey ya'll! I have an interview with UMSL next week! I was just wondering if anyone has interviewed with UMSL this cycle. If so, can you tell me about your experience? Also, if anyone attends the school, can you tell me anything about the school? Thanks :)

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Hi there! First of all, congratulations on your interview invite! Remember it is important to prepare for your interview and be ready to answer different types of questions (scenario, policy, personal, etc.). Additionally, if you want to know information about the school, make sure you visit their website to learn everything you can. Read their mission statement to see how it aligns with your own goals and values, read about the program, the faculty, and any other information that can be useful going into the interview. Lastly, it is a very good idea to have a couple of questions prepared in case they give you the chance to ask them. These should be questions that you genuinely want to know and not something that could be easily found on their website. Remember that you are choosing them as much as they are choosing you, and that this may be your only chance to ask any questions you may have, so use it wisely. Best of luck in your interview!