UNC vs. Wake Forest

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Apr 20, 2020
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  • Cost IS ($34,000)
  • Ranked higher (not by much)
  • More prestigious?

  • Parking
  • College town
  • Get a “holier than thou” vibe
  • Clinical locations (lottery system + locations themselves)

Wake Forest

  • Class size
  • Location (small-mid sized city)
  • Ability to go to Charlotte for 3rd year (lotto if there is desire, but otherwise stay in WS)
  • Good vibes from the current students (academics and socially)
  • More out-of-state students
  • Expensive ($61,000)
  • P/F
  • Non-Mandatory classes
  • Match (% and locations)
  • Curriculum
  • Research opportunities
  • Distance from family/SO
  • STEP prep

Really loved Wake when I visited and enjoyed all of the interactions I had with faculty and students. Really felt at home, and can see myself there for the next 2-4 years. Can't say the same about UNC, necessarily. Overall, the cost difference will end up being about $100,000, which I know is a lot, but I just don't think I will be happy at Carolina. However, I would be a dummy not to at least weigh my options.

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Full disclosure: current M3/4 at Wake.

I really love Wake for a lot of reasons, but honestly I don't think the good vibes are worth the price difference (although I can confirm the vibes are great). With the tuition going up to $63,674 by the time you start, you are really knocking on the door of a $30k/year difference before interest. I just don't see enough solid, tangible arguments to say, "yeah Wake is definitely worth $120k+ more than UNC." There's nothing that Wake has that UNC doesn't, and I would argue that you are correct when you say that the UNC name is better, albeit slightly.