Aug 1, 2019
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Hello all,

I am a rising 4th year dental student and as of late have become interested in OMFS. Not man programs are offering externships right now because of COVID but I shadowed a lot of OMFS.

My problem: class rank... A lot of family issues occurred in dental school I am towards the bottom half of the top half. I graduated undergrad with highest honors so I know I have it in me to do well but a lot of things happened in school that were out of my reach.

I am looking for some sort of guidance as what I should do after dental school or even during my last year here. Should I apply for GPRs, internship, etc.? Do I even have a chance of getting OMFS in the future?

I have not took the CBSE and don't know if I should study for it this year and take it in February or just take it after my fourth year.

I am just looking for some guidance and maybe mentorship if there is anyone out there who was in a similar situation or can help.


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Jul 7, 2020
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The answers to a successful OMFS application are actually quite simple, from a Pre-Interview point of view

High GPA/Class Rank + High CBSE + Understanding of the rigors of residency/the field = Good candidate to interview

So whats lacking in one should be accounted for in another. In your case: poor class rank means you need to slaughter and make feast of that CBSE (75+ is your goal). Make up for that last bit of the equation with doing an intern year. 75+ with an intern year, and you will be golden.

Study every waking second you can and start emailing Program Directors for intern spots.

The question to ask yourself is: do you have what it takes?


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May 19, 2014
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So I'm pretty much in your shoes except I just finished a year of residency, but I graduated top of my undergrad, and then had to work during dental school, close family member passed away, which led me to want to stick to general dentistry. In GPR I started to fall in love with OMFS, and decided to pursue it to the best of my ability.

Took the CBSE during GPR in February, I studied for about 3 months after full time work and on call schedule. Didn't do so great so I decided to take it again and I'm taking it in August. Covid helped me a ton in terms of having time to study.

My advice for you, as said above, your gonna need at least a 70+ to feel somewhat comfortable. 75+ and you'd probably be solid. In terms of what to do now, I would take the test as early as you can and start studying asap. Take it again if you have to. If you don't get the number you want during residency, don't do a internship, you probably won't have enough time to study during it. Do a GPR take it again, then apply at the same time and if you have to do an internship if you have to, but after you have a solid score.

Most programs only care about the score, doing 1-2 internships doesn't do anything if you graduated middle of your class and got a 63 CBSE score. But the class rank won't hold you back.
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