Dec 15, 2020
Does this undergrad psychology school list make sense? Which schools have more undergrad lab opportunities like quality RA experience, poster presentation and publication?

Major plan:
- Psychology

Grad plan:
- PhD psychology

College list factors:
- Undergrad lab opportunities: Quality RA experience, Poster presentation and Publication
- Psychology rank
- Out of pocket (Tuition - Any merit aid)

In state, Public, 2:
- College 1
- College 2

Undergrad psychology rank, High to low, 7:
- University of Minnesota Twin Cities
- University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
- Indiana University Bloomington
- University of Wisconsin Madison
- University of Washington
- Stony Brook University
- Pennsylvania State University University Park

Grad psychology rank, High to low, Distance 15 hours, 6:
- Ohio State University Columbus
- University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
- Purdue University West Lafayette
- University of Maryland College Park
- Rutgers New Brunswick
- University of Connecticut Storrs

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