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Dec 29, 2016
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I took a year off to do research. I haven't looked at an EKG in 2 years, done a pelvic exam in forever thank Jesus, or seen a well baby visit. I feel stupid af.

Recently took Step 1, 260, yay. Firecracker all the way.

I want to take Step 2 CK in about 1.5 months. What advice would you give? I crack open Step Up or MTB and it's like peeling my corneas. I can't stand it. Should I study by using Qbanks? I could rip through USMLERx in 2 weeks, then go through UWorld. I'm thinking Rx will force me to read everything all over again, save UWorld for actually testing my thinking, not wasting it on stuff I forgot 2 years ago etc.

At this point, Anki doesn't seem worth it. Unless there is a deck I can get through in 2 weeks or so...?


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Jun 28, 2012
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I vote for heavy Qbank utilization on tutor mode. That's all I did and scored around your Step 1 score. The year off won't be doing you any favors but hopefully the Qbank descriptions will be enough to reconsolidate some of the more distant memories of clinical work. ;)
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Apr 29, 2014
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If you did that well on Step 1 then do the same thing for Step 2. I got pretty much the same score for Step 1 and what I found most difficult was finding motivation to study the material for Step 2 (since the majority of the material will essentially never be utilized not that it is much different than Step 1). I would just run through question banks. StepUp isn't too bad either. Good luck!!
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