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Univ. of Minnesota ???

Discussion in 'Dental' started by sumluck, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. sumluck

    sumluck Guest

    May 19, 2006
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    Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
    I was wondering if anyone here goes to, or has heard anything about the University of Minnesota and their predoctoral program. I have an interview coming up so I am just a little curious. I was hoping to get some feedback from current or past students on their opinions of the school and/or area. Thanks.
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  3. rambo2006

    rambo2006 Be a DDS or die trying
    7+ Year Member

    Oct 28, 2005
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    Dental Student

    I am a freshman this year. The U of MN has a very solid predoctoral program. The students help each other a lot. Very friendly environment. Parking sucks, so I bike 2 school. the U buss pass is awesome ($62Unlimited-anywhere,anytime for a semester) .
    The school is very clean, professors are great, The school isnt cheap considering that its a state school and not a private. The dress code kinda sucks though. We have to where scrubs to lecture once they arrive, and until then we have to where professional casual attire. Where as, the med school students get to come to class in flip flops. Thats how we know who is who in gross anatomy. This dress code is very new though and it is necessary for what the school calls the necessary professional image.
    I hope that helps.

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