University of Cincinnati alternate list ?

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Jun 5, 2000
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I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the alternate list at Cincinnati? If there has been any movement? How may people are typically waitlisted and what percentage get in from the list. Any info would be great!



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Hey, I guess it's moving because I got accepted from the waiting list on Friday! But before I did, about two weeks ago they sent me a letter that said "You are in the group of remaining applicants that is at or near the top of our alternate list." Did you receive a similar letter? If so, I'd say your pretty much in!

Good Luck,
My letter just said that they are formulating an alternate list and they would like to include me on that list. Nothing about being on or near the top though. Congrats on getting in, I hope the list keeps moving and I get in too!
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I forgot to mention that I did recieve a big package from UC with financial aid information, I was stoked when I saw the big envelope in my mailbox, but deflated when I opened it, only to find forms a letter saying "If you get in off the list then blah, blah, blah" When you got your acceptance letter did it come certified mail?
Yeah, they sent me the same thing and I was SO pissed! I ran in the house and ripped it open inly to find Financial Aid Papers! That was just plain cruel. And no, UC's letter did NOT come certified. Both of the others I recieved did.

I wish you luck, maybe I'll meet you in the fall!

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