University of Western Ontario interview

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Oct 24, 2001
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Hey guys, it's coming up. Does anyone know if they interview the same style as U of T last weekend?

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Sounds the same to me, I had it 4 years ago. Hardest question dealt with getting a patient who is normally treated by your friend and you think your friend did the tx wrong. The patient is still in pain. Just remember, never say anything bad about another dentist in front of the patient, there are many tx for the same problem and you can always get another opinion on the problem.

Other questions dealt with cheating, a situation that made you angry, why do you want to go to western, why dentistry. I was waitlisted and went to the states, and I don't regret one minute of it. I also did undergrad at Western and again that was a great education, but I am glad I am in the states now.

Good luck
Big Poppa,

Thanks for your advice. Did they ever ask the question whether you applied to medicine and why you chose dentistry over meds?
No, and No I didn't even think of meds.