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Nov 22, 2022
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Hello everybody,
I am currently a student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas OTD program and I have a weird post. Our program is new, only having our 3rd cohort admitted this summer. We recently had our final sort of interview with ACOTE for our accreditation, and they said we did great. All that is left is for their board to approve all the programs that have applied at the beginning of next year. They told us we had nothing we needed to fix according to their standards. In other words, we have a 99.5% of being accredited. Because we still do not have the official seal of approval, people have justifiable hesitancy in applying for this program. The reason I am posting is because the faculty has advised us that applications have reduced across the US, and given that we're a new and unknown program, we're hit especially hard. They have extended their deadline for applicants to ensure they have more people to interview.

I guess this is a sort of promotional post from a concerned student for my program. I'm not sure if it is allowed, and if not you probably won't see this. It'll be kinda funny if someone from my cohort sees this lol

Anyway, I wanted this post to be a sort of "we exist" promotion. Our faculty is great, and are super respectful of our feedback, which I think is warranted given its newness. We have 2 faculty members who at some point in their career helped create questions for the NBCOT, and the 3rd years took some practice test and they scored fairly well. 1 of our professors basically goes to different university to help fix them, and she came to us about a year ago and is making changes which feel warranted. I have only done 1 fieldwork II experience, however the OTs who taught us said we were some of the best students they've had and were surprised as we were only 1 year into our program.
The downsides of the program, from being an insider, is sometimes it can feel a little hectic, however after going to fieldwork and being told we did great, I don't try to freak out at the newness of it all. One of our professors is really tough, and most people dread the course work, but I think it's manageable, seeing as how none of us truly failed her class.

I know a couple of classmates who went on this forum prior to applying to different schools, so I thought it would be a good idea to post here so my school gets some recognition. The other school in Las Vegas is Touro University, which I know many people declined UNLV to attend there. Knowing what I know now, I feel like they made a mistake as the tuition here is cheaper and were getting a quality education. I have already received like 8,000 in scholarships, and I have 2 friends doing graduate assistantships making 29k a year. They will probably graduate with 20k in debt if they do it all 3 years, something you can't say for Touro. Again, who knows why we're getting insufficient applicants, but I feel a sort of responsibility to advocate for UNLV. I went here for my undergrad and have a lot of respect for the professors and the diversity of the campus. This post may have come too late as the application cycle is winding down, but maybe someone will read this for next year.

If you guys have any questions hit me up.

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