Sep 9, 2014
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From ACGME data, every year several people either withdraw from rad onc training or transfer programs.
While some withdrawals are due to personal reasons such as illness or family emergency, there must be a small number of forced withdrawals or forced transfers due to performance issues. What are some reasons that you know of where rad onc residents have been forced to withdraw or transfer to other non rad onc programs? It is hard to imagine that a person who successfully completed PGY1 and was above average in medical school would be so poor as a rad onc resident to warrant forced dismissal or transfer right?


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Sep 20, 2004
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I've known of a couple of people that transferred out to another new program from an established program they disliked and one person that dropped out and eventually rejoined another program in a different specialty because of family reasons.

That's why I always tell unmatched ms4s with a decent cv and record to go ahead and do internship. Spots do open up every year for different reasons


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Aug 5, 2005
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I know 2 that have left other programs but not for academic reasons:
One dropped out (of a reportedly malignant program) in PGY2 apparently because she just didn't like it. Another dropped in PGY4 for personal reasons/change of heart.

We've never had anyone leave that I know of. IMO, if a resident is let go for academic reasons, it's a failure of the program.


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Aug 23, 2014
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The people I know that dropped out of their program and transferred somewhere else mainly had to do with a personality in the faculty that was completely incompatible and they could not be there any longer.