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Update FAQs

Discussion in 'Family Medicine' started by Dharma, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Dharma

    Dharma 7+ Year Member

    Any chance someone can update the 10 year old FAQs? While a lot of the info there holds true, seems like it could use a booster. No mention there of the concerns of midlevel autonomy, the future of FM in today's ever-changing environment (including job prospects and compensation in city/suburb/rural areas), DPC models, PCMH, DO vs MD programs, etc.

    As I'm writing this I realize someone made a similar request 2 years ago. Oh well, just throwing it out there and see if anyone bites. Seems like the FM FAQs are lacking compared to some of the other sub forums.
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  3. VA Hopeful Dr

    VA Hopeful Dr Senior Member Physician 10+ Year Member

    Jul 28, 2004
    I suspect that's mainly because a) most of us who are actually out there doing FM aren't worried about midlevels b) see dozens of job offers in our e-mail inboxes daily c) know that in the end there is little if any difference between an MD and a DO once residency is over and d) know that PCMH is just one more government regulation in a profession that now has bunches and bunches of them.

    I could be wrong, of course.
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  4. Dharma

    Dharma 7+ Year Member

    Fair enough. But the FAQs aren't for the seasoned attending but instead the know-little-to-nothing med student trying to sift through the mix of legit information and misinformation while attempting to differentiate one from the other (and there's a lot of BS floating around the lecture halls and wards). They are most definitely common concerns expressed by many med students, hence the somewhat regular postings asking these questions.

    In terms of jobs, I don't think there are many fears regarding not finding one or having difficulty doing so, but instead ending up in a pays-less-for-the-effort field bc of increasing competition from midlevels, especially in the non-rural locations. Not that this perspective is correct, but it is common, and probably one worth addressing in FAQs. A bit of an introduction to the different modalities of health care delivery would be a nice addition as well (maybe even just a link to AtlasMD's DPC threads would do the trick).
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  5. AtlasMD

    AtlasMD 2+ Year Member

    Apr 28, 2013

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