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Jan 1, 2005
I am an incoming M1 who will be starting my first year at University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. I am interested in renting a 1 bedroom apartment off-campus through Rose and Brinkmeyer Apartments. If any of you are currently living at one of these locations (specifically Continental Plaza, Clark Street or Prarie Place) please share your experiences. Of primary importance to me is low noise level, a safe neighborhood and decent living.

By the way, if you know of any other reputable companies to rent from anywhere near UIUC or its surrounding communities please let me know.

Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.



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Jan 29, 2004
(while wasting my 11.5 hrs before match day, maybe I'll do something useful)

We rented from Bankier Apts and were very happy (only M1 and then we bought a house). They were very friendly, very accomidating when we came in from Boston to find an apt and very accomidating getting us into a lease earlier than the standard August to August.

I don't know anything about Rose and Brinkmeyer; in fact haven't heard of them whihc might be a bad sign.

Bankier has many properties in CU and a fabulous website. We pretty much settled on them prior to making the trip to CU based on their website alone in comparison to other folks. Their buildings range from large 200-unit complexes to small, 12-unit buildings. We lived in the latter at 608 S. State St and it almost had a town-house feel to it.


I'd stear clear of Campus Properties which has a million properties but is notoriously bad.

UIUC Has a tentant union that you may be able to utilize as an incoming student. If you are making a trip to town, they are in the Union. Otherwise, you should be able to find their number on the web and give them a call. They are a great resource and keep extensive records of CU lanlords. Make sure to see them before signing a lease especially if it's your first lease.


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Jan 6, 2005
chambana now, chitown l8er!
JSM are pretty good too... but bankier is very good. Def stay away from campus property management. :thumbup: