[Urgent] WVU vs SLU

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Jun 18, 2023
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I feel very blessed to have been accepted to both WVU SOM and SLU. However, the decision between the 2 is hard for me to make and I only have about 12 hours left to make it.

  • Great campus in a beautiful area
  • Extensive and modern hospital system
  • Matches into competitive residencies, especially when staying at WVU
  • I have family within an hour or two of the area
  • Honors/Pass/Fail preclinical grading
  • Probably less prestigious than SLU

  • Older school that’s well-known nationwide
  • Also matches well into competitive specialties, particularly when staying at SLU
  • P/F Preclinicals
  • Essentially brand new teaching hospital
  • STL can’t really compete with Morgantown
  • Boring landscape and far less outdoor activities to do
Overall, I’m just torn between the P/F benefit and slightly better matches at SLU versus the great location of WVU. Both schools will cost me essentially the same since I’m OOS for both. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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Sounds like you prefer WVU, and H/P/F preclinicals really should not stop you. PDs cannot compare these because almost everyone else is P/F, so it would play a very minor role, if any, in a residency evaluation process.
disclaimer: waitlist at SLU

I would personally choose WVU for you just cuz its closer to family. Support system is a big thing I value. Also think about where you want to go to residency. If you would like to stay near WV, then that would also make that the better choice.
Hi, just curious if either school gave you that yesterday deadline to make a decision or if it was a personal deadline? I'm on WVU's waitlist and there hasn't been a lot of movement so just wondering if they said something. Also, hope you made a decision that makes you happy! Either school sounds great.